The five Local Ateliers in Western Greece published the announcement for the selection of the 25 entrepreneurs of the creative industry to participate to the acceleration programme of Western Greece Region. Chamber of Achaia as partner of TRACES project is leading and encouraging this process. The announcement has been published on the website of the Chamber of Achaia, as well as on the social networking sites of it and of the five Atelier. Applications will be accepted until January 24, 2020, by the Local Ateliers.

The evaluation process will be followed to select the total of 25 creative groups (5 from each Atelier) to be trained in the two-month period from February to March 2020.

The selection criteria are based on the innovation of the activity, the maturity of the project and the setting up of the working group.

Applications should be submitted electronically (by email) to the Local Ateliers chosen by each applicant. Interested parties should complete the information requested by the call.

The training of the creative entrepreneurs selected will include providing key skills to the participating creators who want to support the development of their business idea. Indicatively, they will be trained in the following areas: Creative identity enhancement, key management elements, business planning, implementation and awarding, customer relations, company financing, crowdfunding: creating the right campaign, etc. The training of each team will be tailored to its creative concept and its specificities will be taken into account. In support of the ideas, group meetings will be organized for program members.

It is important that upon completion of the training, that Local Ateliers will offer interconnection services to creative entrepreneurs and teams that will successfully complete the program.

The Ateliers that will train the creative companies are: The 5 Local Ateliers are: