Who we are

TRACES partners are different actors of the quadruple helix and have complementary expertise in the addressed field.

The lead beneficiary (LB) is the University of Salento – Department of Management and Economics.  Since 1955 it has had the aim of promoting knowledge, skill and merit. Six Faculties, thirty-three Research Centres, a Phd School and Post-graduate schools for Cultural Studies and Cultural Organization Management and a prestigious ISUFI Grandes écoles school. Since 2014, Board member of ENCATC, the Department has implemented different initiatives such as the Incubator of Ideas and Enterprises and the related Research Centre – ReCODE.

TECNOPOLIS (PB2) is the Science and Technology Park of the Bari University since 1984; in 2009, it took the today configuration controlled by the University as unique shareholder. Starting its past experience on ICT, the Park is evolving to new specialization covering the full area of intervention in favor of SMEs.

The Creative Apulia Cluster Association (regional deliberation n.2476/12) (PB3) has more than 100 members and operates for the development of Creative and Cultural Industries (CCIs) of Apulia Region, pursuing systematic interaction between policy level and CCIs, inclusion of the CCI into national and regional strategies developing cross-collaboration with traditional industries to activate innovation processes and new management models.

The Hellenic Management Association (PB4) established in 1962 is a not-for-profit organisation with  the mission to promote, disseminate and promulgate modern management principles, methods and practices. With its strong network and benefiting from the strong image among the Greek entrepreneurship community, HMA organises programs and offers educational services to over 1000 enterprises on a yearly basis.

The Chamber of Achaia (PB5) is the official union of all enterprises of regional unit of Achaia. As public law entity and state’s public consultant influences directly the local, regional and national strategies and policies. Its closed collaboration with the Western Greece Region ensures the coherence with the WG “Strategic Objective 4:Promotion of tourism product of Western Greece in connection with cultural and natural resources”, and related special attention given in creative incubators.

The European Network on Cultural Management and Policy (ENCATC) and the Cultural Foundation for Ethical Finance are the project Associated Partners.

Established in 1992, ENCATC is an NGO which works in partnership with the European Union, UNESCO and it is a privileged observer to the Council of Europe. It is a network of more than 100 member institutions and professionals in over 40 countries active in education, training and research within the broad field of cultural management, policy and education, representing all disciplines in the arts and culture field. Its mission is to stimulate the development of cultural management and cultural policy education in Europe and beyond, engaging and responding to new developments in politics, economics, societies and technology.

The mission of Cultural Foundation for Ethical Finance is to contribute so that the system Banca Etica is the protagonist in the promotion of “new sustainable economies” networks and it should be a cultural and operational reference in the field of ethical finance in national and international level. The best definition of CFER is: “A laboratory for research, creation and provocation for a new economic and financial culture to the service of civil society”.

In line with its mission, it pursues goals of social solidarity by intervening in various sectors such as culture and education, protection of civilians and promotion of human rights; the protection and enhancement of nature and environment, the responsible use of money and the promotion of ethical finance, scientific research in economic and social fields.