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Puglia Creativa, as part of Traces project - funded by the Interreg V-A Greece-Italy 2014-2020 cooperation programme, will promote the first edition of the Creativity Trade Fair, a digital, interdisciplinary and interactive event divided into conferences, workshops, debates, B2B and speed sessions -Networking. To accomplish this, Puglia Creativa launches two calls: Exhibition Rooms - Public notice for the selection of

Traces Project: With Start begins the incubation of the 25 winning start-ups of the call Young Creatives Grow-up

Twenty-five Apulian start-ups in the coming weeks will follow under the guidance of expert mentors in digital mode and in presence in the 5 Local Ateliers in the area: Ammostro APS for the province of Taranto; CETMA for the province of Brindisi; CoWorking SMART LAB for the province of Foggia; Impact Hub srl for the provinces of Bari-Bat; Officine Cantelmo-Molo12

Call for expressions of interest for the participation of innovative businesses and creators in the TRACES project

Call for expressions of interest for the involvement of innovative entrepreneurs and creators in the TRACES project. Do you work in laboratories, research and academic institutions, coworking spaces, incubators, Lifelong Learning Centers etc? More info, here Call for CCI enterprises - business ideas


The five Local Ateliers in Western Greece published the announcement for the selection of the 25 entrepreneurs of the creative industry to participate to the acceleration programme of Western Greece Region. Chamber of Achaia as partner of TRACES project is leading and encouraging this process. The announcement has been published on the website of the Chamber of Achaia, as well

The 5 Local Atelier of Creative Industries incubation project officially launched their activities in Western Greece through TRACES project

The creative aspect of Achaia and Western Greece highlights TRACES project. The Chamber of Achaia as project partner invited the five Local Ateliers, in the 1st Meeting that took place on the 5th of December 2019, which are specialised in the creative industry and responded to the public invitation to participate in the project's meeting. The Local Ateliers will collaborate

TRACES Project: Online the public notice for a short list of experts in supporting the Local Ateliers’s activities – deadline 30/3/2020

Published by Tecnopolis Parco Scientifico e Tecnologico - partner of TRACES project, financed by the Interreg Program V-A Greece-Italy 2014-2020 - the notice for a Short list of experts for supporting the Local Ateliers’s activities. This notice intends to create a short list of experts to be entrusted with any consulting and assistance assignments to support creative entrepreneurship activities, which

Incubation models of cultural and creative enterprises for local development: Presentation of the results of the TRACES project on 10/25/19 h. 17 c / o Chamber of Commerce of Matera

Puglia Creativa and the University of Salento present the results of the Traces - TRansnational Accelerator for a Cultural and Creative EcoSystem project funded by the Interreg V-A Greece Italy 2014-2020 territorial cooperation programme during ArtLab19. The project intends to promote creative entrepreneurship and the growth of cultural and creative enterprises as drivers of inclusive and sustainable local development in

Puglia Creativa in the framework of TRACES project launches the call: “Young Creatives Grow-up”, Call for the selection of 25 cultural and creative start-ups to be incubated in the 5 Local Ateliers of Apulia – Deadline 22/11/19.

Puglia Creativa launches the call " Young Creatives Grow-up" to select n. 25 start-ups or creatives that need support to grow and develop their entrepreneurial project or business idea. The selected will access the incubation program developed by TRACES and will benefit from the mentorship and consultancy services provided by the 5 Local Ateliers located in Apulia. For more information


Puglia Creativa has selected five Local Ateliers to host 25 start-ups (n. 5 start-ups for each Apulian province) that will benefit from the acceleration program dedicated to cultural and creative industries and defined by the TRACES project. The 5 Local Ateliers selected are: Impact Hub srl for the provinces of Bari-Bat, CETMA for the province of Brindisi, CoWorking SMART LAB

Online the video storytelling about TRACES Project, the tour “Creative people what do you need to grow up?” and the needs felt by Apulian CCIs

Puglia Creativa after the tour in thirteen stops: "Creative people what do you need to grow up?" that touched the whole Apulia region from north to south - meeting 350 creatives, produced a video in which it tells: the objectives of the Traces project: "TRansnational Accelerator for a Cultural and Creative EcoSystem" - European cooperation project, funded by the Interreg

Last stop of the tour: Creatives, what you need to grow up? – Bari 14/3/19 h. 10,30 at Porta Futuro II

Held in Bari at Porta Futuro II, the business incubator of the Municipality of Bari the last stop of Puglia Creativa's tour: Creatives what you need to grow up? If you are a cultural an creative industries, a creative, a cultural association and if you work in the following sectors: performing arts, cinema, design, software and video games, architecture, publishing, multimedia